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Our Estimation Process

Getting Your Project Quote

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bid on your project. We want to give you the opportunity to learn our estimation processes in order to better serve you and meet your project needs. 


Please vet us as a company:

Our Estimation Processes are ways for us to ensure that we are entering into a serious relationship from the get-go with our clients. Most of our clients have fully vetted us from Google Maps, Social Media, and Construction Marketplaces such as Houzz, Thumbtack, Angi, and Yelp. If you have not taken that step we encourage you to start with our website, as well as all our social media links located here.  We have worked hard to maintain a 4.8 Google rating along with multiple years of the coveted #NeightborhoodFaves distinction on


We promise the following to all our customers regardless of project scope in order to maintain these high ratings:

  • Integrity - we perform as promised, ALWAYS;

  • Craftsmanship - we build at high levels of craft and attention to detail with the best materials for the project;

  • Value - we keep overhead low so the savings are passed onto the customer. We will not be the cheapest because we are not just a one-man show, but we are definitely not the most expensive. 


Our Estimation Process can be broken down into these components in chronological order:


Full Estimation Process:

We are a medium-sized contractor and we do not maintain sales staff whose only job is to drive around town giving "Free Estimates" which are of course not free to the contractor. Since most of our customers come through referral or through recommendations through Google, NextDoor, or other social media outlets, they have a high level of trust based on personal or online reviews and testimonials. It is because of our trustworthiness that the majority of our customers will enter into a Full Estimation Process right away for their projects.


The average time we invest into each customer's Full Estimation Process is 4-5 man hours (up to a $625 value) depending on the size and scope for the project. We provide exceptional value by only asking for a first deposit of $150 (non-refundable). This of course will go toward your final project cost upon contract signing.


What we will do at your in-person consultation: (1 hr labor)

  • Taking before pictures

  • Taking exact measurements

  • Assessing needs and discussing options with the client

  • Discuss finish materials options (where applicable)


What we will do post appointment:

(3-4 hrs labor)

  • Determining the Scope of Work

  • Spelling out the exact construction procedure

  • Determine code compliance and required permits and associated costs

  • Obtain subcontractor quotes (where applicable)

  • Exact Labor estimation

  • Exact Materials list



  • Electronic Estimate Draft with an exact number with full terms and conditions

  • Executable Contract Draft with full project scope and materials descriptions 

       (in accordance with the standards for all licensed General Contractors)


The labor portion of your full estimate is good for 30 days upon the date of delivery. Final material costs are subject to market prices.


When everything looks good on the Full Estimate and you sign the electronic version, we will follow-up with a Contract Signing Meeting and move your project forward. 


Virtual Estimation Process: (optional)

We perform rough estimates virtually for those clients who are still in the contractor selection process and are not ready to enter into our Full Estimation Process. 


The first step is to enter your full project details using this form. Be sure to include a detailed description, pictures, as well as approximate dimensions and measurements.


Rough estimates result in a written estimate with your project scope, an estimated project time length, an estimated start date, and an estimated labor and material cost range commensurate with your project size and scope. The estimated project cost will come with a range of approximately 10-20% variance. For example, a recent rough estimate for a shower remodeling project came in at $7000-8000, where the Full Estimation came in at $7509.37.

Using a Designer: (optional)

For clients who desire design services, we offer in-house design process. We will also work with your designer if you have an existing relationship. Our designer will work with you at the various levels of service, from full architectural design to simple finish materials consultation. 


The typical design process lasts from one to two months. We recommend our clients to start their design process at least 3 months from their anticipated start of construction. We bill design services separately from the construction contract, as Full Estimation cannot be completed until all designs are finalized. 


For homes $750k or over we strongly recommend the use of design services in your remodeling projects to ensure stylistic and design integrity of your home.

Get Started!

To get your project started go here. Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

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