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Winter Services

Minnesota winters are brutal and for many in our community extra help is needed to brave the cold temperatures, ice dams, and extreme amounts of snow. We offer essential Ice Dam Removal, Roof Raking, and Snow Removal for home owners to let us to the heavy shoveling, lifting, climbing, and de-icing that is needed for MN homes.

Ice Dam Removal

Did you know that ice dams can cause major damage to your gutters, soffits, and facia? It could escalate to water intrusion, rot, and major repairs in the spring. Using a high-powered gas generator paired with our diesel-powered steam machine, we can cut through ice dams a foot thick or more. It is dangerous, messy, wet, and cold work. You'll be glad that we're up there cutting down the ice and preventing damage to your home.  Bonus: we are a proven price leader in ice dam removal in the Twin Cities metro. 

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Roof Raking

To avoid ice dams and the potential costs of removal and associated water and property damage, early roof raking is the best remedy and preventative maintenance. Roof raking and removal services range from just the first 4 foot of your roof, to full roof shoveling for qualified roofs. Please contact us for details.

Snow Removal

Did you know that snow shoveling is one of the leading causes of back injury and heart attacks in Minnesota? Save yourself and your loved ones the trouble by hiring our snow removal teams to do the heavy lifting and blowing. We service driveways, sidewalks, front and rear steps, as well as walkways on your property. Get a quote specific to your property. Ala carte or seasonal contracts are available.

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